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When to Call an Electrician

At NJ Electricals, we're more than just your trusted electricians – we're your 24-hour partners for electrical peace of mind across South and West Wales. For over 25 years, our team of experienced professionals has been keeping local businesses and homes functioning smoothly with high-quality electrical services.

But how do you know when to call on our expertise? While minor fixes might be tempting to tackle yourself, sometimes your home throws up red flags that scream for professional fault rectification. Ignoring these warning signs can not only compromise your safety and convenience but also lead to costly repairs down the line. So, when should you pick up the phone and reach out to NJ Electricals?

When to Call an Electrician: Signs Your Home Needs Professional Fault Rectification 

Red Alert: Immediate Electrician Attention Required

  • Sparks, crackling, or buzzing sounds: These are never good signs! They indicate issues such as a loose connection, posing a serious fire risk. Don't delay – call us immediately.
  • Burning smells: If you smell something akin to burning plastic or rubber, especially near electrical outlets or appliances, shut off the power and contact us right away. It could be a wiring issue overheating, leading to a potential fire.
  • Shocks or tingles: No good! Even a slight tingle from an outlet or appliance is a warning sign of faulty wiring. Don't risk it – let our qualified electricians diagnose the problem safely.
  • Flickering lights, dimming, or sudden outages: While occasional flickering might be due to a power surge, persistent issues could indicate overloaded circuits or faulty wiring. Get it checked out before it disrupts your daily life.
  • Visible damage to outlets, switches, or appliances: Cracked plates, scorch marks, or loose connections are not just eyesores – they're safety hazards. Let us replace or repair damaged components.


Beyond the Emergency: Proactive Electrical Maintenance

  • Outlets overloaded with cords and adapters: This is a recipe for disaster! Overloaded circuits can overheat and pose fire risks. Let us add more outlets or assess your electrical needs for a safer solution.
  • Outdated or inadequate wiring: Older homes might not be equipped for modern appliances. Upgrade your system with NJ Electricals to ensure safety and efficiency.
  • Planning renovations or extensions: Don't leave electrical work to chance. We can design and install a safe and efficient system for your new space.


Get in touch for professional assistance

Remember, when it comes to electricity, safety is paramount. Don't gamble with your well-being – leave it to the professionals at NJ Electricals. We're available 24/7 across South and West Wales, ready to tackle any electrical issue with skill, dedication, and a smile. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us keep your home humming with safe, reliable electricity.