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Are you in urgent need of an electrician? If you have any electrical problems, NJ Electricals can fix them or ensure that the situation is safe and get you up and running again quickly. Our team has a success rate of 95% in resolving issues on the initial visit. We strive to arrive at your location within an hour with our prompt, courteous, and dependable emergency call-out service.

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Arching Causes Sparking

When an electrical breakdown of a gas results in a long-lasting electrical discharge, an electric arc occurs. When electricity travels through a non-conductive medium, such as air, a plasma is formed.

Loose Wires Cause Fires

If wires are loose or disconnected, they can generate enough heat to ignite a fire. Therefore, our team at NJ Electricals makes it a priority to inspect the safety of your fusebox if any issues arise.

Faulty Trip Switch

When a fuse switch keeps tripping, it's typically due to an overloaded circuit. Determining the cause of the issue often involves a process of elimination, which our emergency electrician will perform

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